New Items from the Friends

Starting today, the Friends are selling two book journals: Books to Check Out: A Journal (for adults) and Books to Check Out for Kids.  The adult journal has space to write titles of books you want to read, a section to list favorite books, and a space to note down who you loan a book to, or who you borrowed a certain book from.  There is also a handy pocket section in the back for notes.  I have one and use it all the time.

     The Journal for kids has  a “Books I read” section, where you can note the title, author, any thoughts, and space for a rating.  There’s a fun section where you can write imaginary letters to the author, or book reviews, including suggestions of words to use.  The third section is titles “Books I Really Really Really Want to Read, and the last section is a place to write down what you’ve read and how much time you spent reading it. (VERY handy for the summer program!)

Both journals are for sale at the library for $10 each.  (They sell for $10.95 on Amazon.)


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