Harry Potter Party at Plumb!

Go to fullsize image The 7th (and last!) Harry Potter book will be released at midnight on Friday July 20th!!! We’re throwing a bit of a bash to celebrate. There wil be games, contests, fortune reading, snacks, and lots of costumed fun! Come and join the magic as we await the midnight bell. Registration is required…come into the library as soon as you can (the limit for the program is 30 people). The Friends have also arranged to have 15 copies of the book available for pre-order, purchased on the evening of the party. The sorting hat awaits you at 9:00pm and the fun continues until the bewitching midnight hour.



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2 responses to “Harry Potter Party at Plumb!

  1. Michelle

    I think you mean it will be release in JULY – not June. Hopefully, you didn’t have Muggles and Wizards at your doorstep last Wednesday evening!!!!!

  2. Oops! All fixed now. What would we do without you?

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