Book Review: The Lumby Lines

lumby-lines.jpgIf you enjoy the type of books called “cozies”, you’ll love The Lumby Lines, by Gail Fraser.  A couple from Virginia vacationing in the Northwest fall in love with and purchase an old monastery, planning on turning it into an inn.  But first they have to win over the townspeople, especially the crusty publisher of the local paper, “The Lumby Lines”, William Beezer.  Interspersed with articles from the paper, the daily police blotter, what Hank the pink flamingo is wearing, and other aspects of small town life is the story of the renovation and how it causes the couple to fall in love with each other all over again.    There is also the additional romance between Brooke, an architect friend from Virginia, and Joshua, an ex-monk from Lumby.  If you liked the Jan Karon novels, you’ll like The Lumby Lines.


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