Update on the Harry Potter Party

rita.jpgEveryone had a fantastic time!  40+ kids and parents were sorted by the Sorting Hat, enjoyed a butter beer at The Three Broomsticks, chocolate frogs and wizard cards from the Sweets Cart, made origami owls, wands, and charms, had their fortunes told in Divination Class,divination.jpg and participated in a History of Magic/Harry Potter trivia game with prizes for all.  At midnight, the books came out and were distributed to those who had reserved them.   Big THANK YOU’s to: Bev Loves Books for letting us distribute some of her books and for donating a portion of her proceeds to the Friends; to the Trustees for encouraging us to do this program; to the Friends for supporting this and every program; to the staff for all that they did and for taking nearly everything out of their houses to decorate; and to J. K. Rowling for 10 years of fun and adventure with Harry Potter and his friends.  If anyone was at the party and wants a copy of some of the pictures, drop by or email info@plumblibrary.com.


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