New stuff

Here are some new titles that we’ll be showcasing at this month’s “Tea and Titles”, happening today at 3:30:

Before Green Gables: The Prequel to Anne of Green Gables, by Budge Wilson.  Ever wonder what happened to Anne Shirley before she came to live with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert?  Well, in honor of the anniversary of the first printing of Anne of Green Gables, a noted Canadian author has been tapped to fill in the gaps of Anne’s early life, which she does very well.  Wilson is not L. M. Montgomery, but some of the charm of the Anne books is there.  Anne’s life is full of drudgery and heartbreak, but she manages to maintain her optimism and imagination with the help of some caring adults. 

Wit’s End, by Karen Joy Fowler, the author of The Jane Austen Book Club

Dervishes, by Beth Helms

The Winding Ways Quilt, by Jennifer Chiaverini

Sundays in America: A Yearlong Road Trip in Search of Christian Faith, by Suzanne Shea

Playing with the Grown-Ups, by Sophia Dahl (Roald Dahl’s daughter)

Quiet Please: Dispatches from a Public Librarian, by Scott Douglas

Maya Angelou: A Glorious Celebration, by Marcia Ann Gillespie

I am Scout: The Biography of Harper Lee, by Charles J. Shields

There’s a bunch of new paperbacks, too, which I will note later.  The April Book Page has an interview with Joanne Harris, the author of Chocolat and Five Pieces of the Orange, and a review of her newest, a sequel to Chocolat.  We will be getting this book as soon as it is published later this month.


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