Cafe Parlez for April

This month we read “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen.  Everyone loved this book!!

SPOILER ALERT!  If you haven’t read this book, do not read this post.

Everyone made the same assumption about who killed August.  And everyone agrees that he deserved it.

A big question is, why does Jake take offense at the other gentleman at the nursing home when he says he carried water for the elephants.  Maybe because Jake alone knew what that really meant.  He got very frustrated when no-one would believe him, and this started his reminisences.

Why did August keep inviting Jacob to those drunken parties?  He may have wanted to throw Jake at Marlena.  He could have had bipolar syndrome.  He could have wanted to associate with someone who was a “doctor”.  Everything August did was down to money and power.

Why did they kill both Walter and Camel?  Was it to leave no witnesses.  G thinks it was to make us hate Uncle Al. 

Someone asks why did Jake leave the knife on August’s pillow instead of killing him.  Maybe this was to show August that he could have easily been killed.  Everyone is glad that Jake didn’t kill him after all; this kept Jake pure.

Overall, this is an uplifting book, very hopeful, with a good ending.  The circus family sticks together at the end.

Next month’s books: “Reading Lolita in Tehran”, and “Perepolis”.  Happy reading!!


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