Cafe Parlez for May

This month, we had a “twofer”: Reading Lolita in Tehran, and Persepolis.  After an explanation of graphic novels, we are starting in talking about Lolita.   Not everyone loved this book, and many couldn’t finish it.  MC read this book a long time ago, and says that it’s better if you’ve actually read the books the author is talking about.  She assumes you’ve read the books she references.  Some felt it was too much work, and that she wasn’t a good writer.  Too many people involved, and they were not very well drawn.  The author jumped around too much.  LW was not impressed or “edified”.  MC was motivated because she knew an Iranian woman at the time.

People felt that the characters weren’t individuals.  The book didn’t flow, you couldn’t “dance” to it.  PB felt that the women never got out of the confines of the home. 

Most liked Persepolis better.    MC read Persepolis 2  and loved it.  She has likened it to Peter Sis’ The Wall, whick she is showing everyone.  Now people are discussing Majane’s reaction to living in a Western society, and why she moved back to Iran.  

People are discussing the Koran and the treatment of women.  This is being done in the name of religion.  There is much discussion on the culture that creates this treatment, and there is comparison with other orthodox religions. 

Next month’s book is The Professor and the Madman, by Simon Winchester. We meet on June 26.  Y’all come! 


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