Cafe Parlez for January

A new year, a new book!  Tonight we’re discussing The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning.  This book takes place on Cape Cod.  Tonight’s goodies are Indian Pudding (made by L), Anadama bread, spice cake, cheese, little biscuit tart things, cider, tea/coffee, and water. 

Right now, the discussion is about all the work that women then had to do.  Also about the way Lydia is treated.  As a widow, she owns nothing.  They are also discussing the shunning of Lyddie.

Is Lyddie a woman of her time?  Most people think not, that she has too many opinions.  Maybe there is too much 20th century thought forced on this woman.    Some are surprised that she can read and write.  L thinks that Lyddie just doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone. 

How religious was Lyddie?  Not very, since she slept through one service and worked through another.  She blames Sam Cowett, but that’s not fair.   She was headed that way.  The church fathers weren’t very comforting when her husband died. 

Is Eben forward thinking in regards to women?  Not as much as he thinks he is.  He would have been a good husband to Lyddie, but he can’t consider why a women would want to own property and have their own business.  However, he challenges her and makes her think. 

Great discussion!  Join us next month for Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.  And don’t forget the Nonfiction Book Group and their February selection The Soiling of Old Glory, by Louis Masur.


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