Cafe Parlez for March: The Lace Reader

Tea time at the Plumb Library!  We have lovely scones and strawberry preserves made by B. , plus my faves chocolate digestive biscuits, windmill cookies, grapes, and hot water for tea.  Jen is just catching people up on upcoming events.

Now for the demonstrations.   MD has some of her lace making equipment for the different kind of lace, including Ipswich lace, made in Ipswich, MA.  She has many different kinds, some antique pieces, all very beautiful. 

Now for the book!  Some people liked it, some didn’t.  K didn’t like the protagonist, she and ML wanted to tell her to Grow Up!  L found herself thinking about the book when she wasn’t reading it, which added to her enjoyment.  H had read it a second time, and found things she had missed the first time, since she already knew the suprising ending.  K found herself annoyed at all of the characters. 

The abusive pastor has annoyed many of the people, but he can’t be arrested.   His wife won’t testify against him. 

Did Towner act responsibly, or was she an immature brat?  She knew enough not to let anyone else get involved with her until she was straightened out.  

Rafferty: ML can relate to his migraines.  Is he like Towner?  Jen thinks they’re cut from the same cloth, but they are good for each other.  They complete each other.  Did he know how damaged she was? 

Cal is a weasel, and you can’t trust him, but he’s very charismatic.  That’s how cults get started.  The people that were attracted to him were people who were lost. 

Was Towner really a twin or was it a split personality? 

Therapy session!  Kids, feminism, respect!

That’s it for now.  Next month’s book is about Hetty Green.  See you April 30!


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