April Newsletter and other stuff

The April newsletter is here.

Highlights include: our Spring Friends Members meeting with author Rosemary Harris as the special guest speaker; Mad Science brings BUGS to the library for the April Vacation; the Nonfiction Book Group reads The Omnivore’s Dilemma; Cafe Parlez reads Shoeless Joe and views Field of Dreams.

If you’re a gardener and/or a mystery lover, be sure to come to the library Monday night April 12 at 6:30 to meet master gardener and mystery writer Rosemary Harris. Rosemary will be talking about and signing her new book Dead Head, due to be on the store shelves on April 13, so we get a head start on everyone!

We just sent out 9 scarves with a USO shipment, thanks to the Lion’s Club of Rochester. Two more have just been dropped off, so keep knitting, people!

It happens every time: Jen goes on vacation, and the new books start pouring in. I picked up 3 boxes today from Town Hall, so be sure to check the Bookletter list on the website. Those of you who subscribe have already gotten the news.


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