Thanks, Wanderer!

Hey, hey! Didja see? That’s us on the cover of this week’s Wanderer! Click here to see, I’ll wait. The artist is Marcy Smith and her daughters. That’s Myself on the left, Jen in the middle, and Miss Lisa on the right, not to mention Punxatawney Phil in the front. No offense to Phil or Punxatawney, PA, but Nantucket has its own weather prognosticator: Quentin Quahog! Apparently, they open Quentin, and if he squirts to the left, it’s six more weeks of winter. Read about it here.

“Symphony Tales” is full and all copies of the book have been reserved. Mattapoisett Public Library’s performance of Jan. 21 was postponed to a later date due to snow, and the Elizabeth Taber Library in Marion will be having a performance in March, so there will still be an opportunity to see “Scritch Scratch”. Our next children’s program will be Mad Science: Machines on February 23 at 4:00. Children ages 5 and up will learn about simple machines and will get to make a catapult to take home.

And finally, let me tell you about Library Elf. If you have a busy family, lots of library cards to oversee, can’t get a handle on who has what and when it’s due and how much to we owe, you should sign on to Library Elf. It’s a free service that lets you register all library cards, give an email address and/or a cell phone number, and you will receive emails on your schedule detailing everything checked out on those cards, what’s on hold, when it’s due, and more. You can also opt to receive text messages when something is coming due or a hold has come in. It’s a free service provided by SAILS, and you can register HERE.


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