Moday post, 2/6/2012

If it’s Monday, I must be posting! First, some business. SAILS periodically asks patrons for their input via a survey. HERE is a link to the latest patron survey. Please take part; your opinions matter and can influence how SAILS does things. There will also be a link on our website.

We had a great time Saturday with “Symphony Tales”. Here are a couple of pictures:
Here, Music Director David Mackenzie reads Scritch Scratch: A Perfect Match to cello accompaniment that he composed. Author Kimberly Marcus reads her book.
Thank you to the Friends for making this program possible. If you missed out, the Mattapoisett Public Library will host this program in early March.

And finally, it is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens. Here are two sites that you might find fun, if you, like me, are a Dickens fan. First, 12 of the best movies based on books by Dickens. I agree with most of them, and would add another: the Royal Shakespeare’s two-day performance of Nicholas Nickleby, out on DVD and owned by Plumb Library. An amazing production, considering the size of the cast, the number of characters played, and the size of the stage. And then there’s this list of the best Dickens characters compiled by the staff of The London Telegraph. I agree with many on this list, and would add: Barkis, Peggotty, and Dan’l Peggotty from David Copperfield; the Marchioness, from The Old Curiosity Shop; Samuel Weller from Pickwick Papers; and Newman Noggs from Nicholas Nickleby.


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