Oh dear, oh dear, I missed a Monday post! I guess my brain was still at the Boston Science-Fiction conference last weekend. It was a great time, and, if you need a list of survival gear for the Apocalypse (never mind which one), see me.

Mad Science will be presenting their program on Machines here at 4:30 on Thursday, not 4:00 as was listed in the Events Calendar.

Also on Thursday, the Cafe Parlez book discussion group will talk about Tinkers. The March book will be The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which won the Randolph Caldecott award. Jen and I will be switching book groups in March, so the discussions should be fun.

Remember, there is something for children here every morning during the February vacation. We had a lovely Treasure Hunt this morning (and thank you to the 17 children and their parents who turned up). Wednesday is Watercolor day. Mad Science will be here Thursday afternoon, and Friday if Fun-Day at 10:30. Not forgetting the Knitting group on Friday afternoon at 2.


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