Friday – Snow Day!

One feature of this “winter that wasn’t” is the way we keep getting surprised by snow after a string of warm days. If you’ve read any science fiction apocalypse books dealing with climate change, this is too freaky. For comfort, I present the 50th anniversary of A Wrinkle in Time, the first science fiction book I ever read, and the book that set me on a lifetime of reading science fiction and fantasy. It won the Newbery Award for children’s fiction in 1963, and was the first in a series of books featuring Meg Murray and Calvin O’Keefe and their children. Here is a 90-second “synopsis” of the plot, but you are better off reading the book yourself, though this film is very cute. Wrinkle in Time in 90 seconds

Today at the library, we present “TGIF – Thank Goodness It’s Funny”. Members of the Junior Friends will be reading funny stories and telling jokes. Just the thing for a rainy/snowy/no-back-to-rainy day. At 2:00, join fellow knitters and crocheters for tea and cookies. You can stay for the whole hour and a half, or drop by with a knitting or crocheting problem, or to find a pattern for a new project. Or just to chat.

Next week, the Friends Board will meet at 6:30 on Monday, Feb. 27. There will be a drop-in craft for Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on March 2. Story times will start the following week, starting March 6.


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