Spring has sprung!

The weather is warm and balmy (for this area, in March), the crocuses (croci?) are up and blooming, as are some daffodils. Rumor has it that the bear has returned, this time with a cub. I’d like to say that the robins are back, but they never left. However, the red-wing blackbirds are back! It must be spring, no matter what the calendar says.

One of my favorite blogs is “Cake Wrecks”, where they show cakes decorated in many and varied terrible ways. On Sundays, however, they show what good cake decorators can do. This past Sunday, the theme was childrens books. Here is the link: Sunday Sweets Story Time. I LOVE the “Howl’s Moving Castle” cake. And the ones from Goodnight Moon, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are stellar. I would hate to cut into them, but I suppose if you didn’t, you’d end up with a cake like Miss Havisham’s wedding cake in Great Expectations.

Yesterday, I went to a Literary Tea at the Wamsutta Club, sponsored by the Claire T. Carney Library Associates (the Carney library is at UMass Dartmouth). The three authors were Margot Livesy, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy; Ha Jin, author of Nanjing Requiem; and Julia Glass, author of The Widower’s Tale and Cafe Parlez’ June selection The Three Junes. These were not authors that I had read, though Waiting by Ha Jin has been on my reading list for a while. After hearing them speak, I can’t wait to read their latest titles.

There will only be one post this week as I will be at the Public Library Association’s conference in Philadelphia, my old stompin’ grounds. I’ll be coming back next week with lots of information and free swag, not to mention whoopie pies from the Reading Terminal Market. Have a great week!


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