Dear Reader: 3/26/12

I’m back! I took a little break after PLA (too many ideas running around in my head), which was an incredible time. I took many notes (which are not in front of my right now), but I can say, without a doubt, that the Flying Monkey Bakery in Reading Terminal Market sells the most delicious goodies in the city. I sampled a couple of whoopie pies and a macaroon, both yummy. If you’re planning a trip to Philly, stop by the Reading Terminal Market, 12th and Arch Streets, and check it out.

As a result of one workshop, I’ve decided to name this twice-weekly blog “Dear Reader”, mostly because of the famous line in Jane Eyre: “Reader, I married him.” This will set aside my blog of links, musings, and updates from anything else that gets posted here. So let’s go!

We had a wonderfully busy Saturday on the 24th. First we had Coffee with the Candidates. Only four candidates showed up, and no-one came by to chat with them, but still they got to know each other, which is a good thing. We’ll do it again next year. Then we had “Musik-n-fun”, but without Aoife Clancy, who had a sudden illness and had to cancel at the last minute. Many thanks to Andrea Cooper and Colin Everett, who graciously stepped in. Everyone had fun. This, on top of the usual Saturday madness made for a packed parking lot and harried librarians. Next up: the Cafe Parlez book group will discuss The Invention of Hugo Cabret this Thursday evening at 6:30. Anyone is welcome to come and dive into the lively discussion.

The Hunger Games opened this weekend. Since Mr.P and I don’t like crowds, we will wait for a couple of weeks. I enjoyed this series very much, and I realize that many people want to read it. I will be ordering another set of the books this week, hoping that this will move the holds list along for Rochester readers. While you’re waiting, there are many books like Hunger Games that are also good. Two that come to mind are Enclave, by Ann Aguirre, and The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau. Here is a link to a list of other dystopian novels for teens: The Ultimate Hunger Games Read-Alike List. Thank you to the Seattle Public Library for these suggestions. From the New York Public Library, we have a short list of forthcoming movies based on books: No, But I Read the Book. I’ve heard that the John Carter movie stank, so stick to the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs (yes, the author of Tarzan). Personally, I’m excited about World War Z, a zombie novel that actually read like a docu-drama movie.

On the e-book front, the public is starting to take notice, which is a good thing since the big publishers don’t care what librarians think. Here is a good report: Consumers Start to Take Notice.

Lastly, the library will be adding two new databases to our line-up, which currently consists of Universal Class, Optimal Resume, and Encyclopedia Britannica. On April 1, we will add Law Depot, where you can download and use free legal documents such as wills, powers of attorney, health care proxy, bill of sale, rental leases, etc.; and BYKI Language learning, offering lessons in 80 languages. All for free for Rochester card holders. This adds to the excellent databases from the MA Library System. This is why we’ve been nagging you about your cards!


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