Dear Reader: Where’s the paperless society?

Where are the flying cars? And the robot maid? We were told that computers would bring on the paperless society. Well, here are some surprising statistics from Tech Soup, the company that sells discount computer software to nonprofits: Paper’s Shocking Statistics. We here at Plumb recycle as much as we can, especially office paper, newspapers, and boxes. We also use 30% recycled paper in the copier and computer printers. Like everyone else, there is probably more that we can do.

Librarians seem to gravitate toward cats and knitting, and here’s a new book that combines all three: Knit Your Own Cat. To be fair, they also offer Knit Your Own Dog.

The links for Law Depot and Transparent Language are now live. For Law Depot, you can go here:Law Depot Login Page. Have your library card handy each time you log in. For Transparent Language, go to this page: Transparent Language. So far, I’ve tried German, Scotts Gaelic, and Latin. The Gaelic is by far the most difficult.

And lastly, we are now offering coupons for Pawtucket Red Sox games. There is one coupon per game day per family, and each gets you up to 6 tickets for a total of $18. The coupons must be reserved in advance, like any museum pass, and do not guarantee that you will receive tickets, as they are based on availability. We have Paw Sox schedules too. Reserve your coupon up to one month in advance. We also have the library pass for the Ocean Explorium in New Bedford, thanks to the Friends.


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