Dear Reader: Happy Easter!

Just a reminder: the library is open today and Saturday, our regular hours. Don’t forget the Easter Egg Hunt at Plumb Corner Shopping Center tomorrow morning at 10. Now for some links for you to read while the little ones are hunting for eggs.

I think Joel Stein wrote this just to be controversial: Should Adults Be Reading Kids Books. If you follow his logic, readers of The Lord of the Rings series would not know how Bilbo got the ring, because they would not have read The Hobbit. And does this include all of LM Montgomery’s works, or just Anne of Green Gables? What do you think of his statement?

All of the Harry Potter books are now available through Overdrive: Harry Potter ebooks at your library, and we’ve got ’em! You may have to wait, but the price is right.

This was an alarming article from Huffington Post: American High School Students Read at a 5th Grade Level, but really not that surprising for those of us in the library biz. We see it all too often: the size of the book matters more than the content. Reading is not valued in the family, so it becomes a chore for everyone concerned. Reading lists do not contain new titles, graphic novels, or popular books, thus reading becomes associated with work and tedium. Your opinions?

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, here’s The Hunger Games performed by Beanie Babies: Beanie Baby Hunger Games. It’s pretty accurate to the story, so if you haven’t read it or seen the movie, be aware.

And finally, from Book Riot blog, how YA heroines would react in regular situations: What Would Insert-YA-Heroine-Here Do?. I like Katniss’ solution.


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