Dear Reader: April 15, 1912

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, I have compiled a short list of new books we’ve received here at Plumb and in SAILS on this topic.
1. Voyagers of the Titanic: Passengers, Sailors, Shipbuilders, Aristocrats, and the World They Came From, by R.P.T. davenport-Hines
2. The Dressmaker, by Kate Alcott
3. Iceberg Right Ahead!: the Tragedy of the Titanic, by Samantha McPherson
4. Shadow of the Titanic: the Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived, by Andrew Wilson
5. A Rare Titanic Family: The Caldwells’ Story of Survival, by Julie Williams
6. Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage: The Titanic’s First-class Passengers and Their World, by Hugh Brewseter
7. The Company of the Dead, by David Kowalski

I have always been interested in the Titanic, ever since reading Walter Lord’s A Night to Remember (also a good movie). If you’re interested in the same topic, I can recommend any of these books.

Coming up: Nonfiction Book Group will discuss Dave Cullen’s Columbine on Thursday, 4/19. Cafe Parlez will discuss Mrs. Kimble on 4/26. On Monday, May 7 at 6:30, John Teal, author of Life and Death of a Salt Marsh, will present a talk with Powerpoint presentation on “Old Rochester’s Wetlands, Salt and Fresh”. Also, we will start writing book reviews in the blog, and/or listing new books we can’t wait for you to read.


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