Dear Reader: April 28, 2012

Yesterday was a busy day at Your Little Library. We had visits from the entire kindergarten class at RMS, then three bins of delivery. I went to the COA to share their monthly Cobb lunch (roast turkey – yum!) and stayed to help with cleanup. Back for the last knitting group until fall, not counting World-wide Knit in Public Day on June 12 (more on that later). Discussion ranged far and wide, and one of the knitters was even able to mend a sweater for a staff member. Handy folks to have around! I finished up the newsletter, barring some editorial corrections, watch for it Monday. So I never got around to the Friday blog post.

If you like mystery books, you know about the annual Edgar Awards. Here is this year’s list: Edgar Awards for 2012. I usually check this list for what Plumb owns and order those that we’ve missed. But feel free to place reserves.

I’ll be going to the Book Expo America again this year, and one of the highlights of BEA is meeting authors and getting their signatures on Advanced Reader Copies, or their new books. Here is the list of attending authors: Authors at BEA. Let me know who’s signature I should get. Sometimes the best experiences happen by accident, so who knows what I’ll come back with. BEA is in the first week of June.

When I first read Harry Potter, I remember feeling it was close in style and plot to Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones. We were great DWJ readers in my house, especially loving the Crestomanci series. If you’d like to investigate this popular fantasy author, check out this blog: Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones. I recommend starting with Witch Week, then maybe Howl’s Moving Castle. She also wrote a very wry adult fantasy that takes place at a science fiction conference (aka sci-fi con).

And finally, thanks to Bookshelves of Doom (if you’re not reading this blog, you should!) and Book Riot, here is a funny look at the unsung over siblings in children’s literature, such as Beezus, Mary Ingalls, etc.: “No Fair!” On Overlooked Eldest Siblings. Do you have any to add?


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