Dear Reader: Off to BEA!

I’m off this week, attending the Book Expo America conference in New York City. If you want to live vicariously through my experiences, click on the link above and watch some of the streaming videos. I’ll try to blog during the week, too. I’ll be coming back with lots of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy) and other goodies. Some of the ARCs I’ll be looking for will be Dennis Lehane’s Live By Night, new books by Barbara Kingsolver, Mary Kay Andrews, and Debbie Macomber, The Twelve, sequel to Passage by Justin Cronin, and some new titles like Tigers in Red Weather, Wlderness, and Splendors and Glooms.

Oprah is bringing back her Book Club. Click on this link for more information: Oprah’s Book Club.

Someone called and asked us if we stock Fifty Shades of Gray and its sequels. They had heard that libraries were banning this book. While I don’t think this is a great work of literature (re: my opinion of Twilight, and Flowers in the Attic), I recognize that others want to read these books. All libraries in SAILS have copies (some have multiple copies), and there are over 1000 people on the waiting list for the first title alone. Sure it’s erotica, but we have other titles in the library that are also erotica. The library system in Florida that pulled Fifty Shades of Gray from their shelves were shamed by fellow librarians into bringing them back. So, yes, we have them, but the list is huge, and you’ll wait a while. Do remember, though, that the Rochester copies will jump through the list and fill the Rochester holds first. So while you may be #822 on the overall list, you may be #3 on the Rochester list. Despair not!


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