Dear Reader: Just Catching Up

My apologies! I hadn’t realized that it’s been a month since I last posted to this blog! The summer just took over and ate my brain. Here’s what’s new:

The Friends have a new tote bag that they’re selling for $12. It’s blue, with the library printed on it in white, has five pockets, zips closed, is dirt and stain resistant. They’ll be selling them at the Country Fair in August, but you can get one now just by asking at the desk.

The last scheduled program for the Summer Reading Program is on Wednesday, Aug. 1 at 4:00 p.m.. Greg McAdams will present his Team Magic program. It was originally scheduled for June, but the attendance was so small, Greg offered to reschedule. It will be held at the Congregational Church’s Fellowship Hall, so be sure to attend. Greg can’t do the program with a small turnout, so let’s all show up!

Just because the programs are done, doesn’t mean you can stop reading and logging your hours. The weekly prize drawings for the Teens and Adults will continue until mid-August, as will the drop-in crafts. To combat the Dog Days, we’re having Wacky Shirt Wednesdays. Check the calendar, show up wearing that day’s theme, and you can be entered into a prize drawing. Week 1: Sports; Week 2: Hawaiian; Week 3: Funny t-shirt; Week 4: Animals.

The Friends need volunteers for the Country Fair and for the Book Sale. Check at the desk for more details. They will be at the Country Fair on August 18 and 19, if there are enough helpers. There will be a schedule at the desk, so sign up there. The book sale is on Saturday, September 8 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, with the Friends Preview Sale on Friday, Sept. 7 from 6-8 p.m. Helpers are needed all day Friday to move, unpack, and sort; all day Saturday to sell, then pack and move back to the library basement. Again, ask at the desk. Helpers with pickup trucks are especially welcome. All volunteers receive 50% off their purchases.

That should be enough to keep you busy until school starts!


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