Want to be a better Reader?

When you’re making your New Year’s Resolutions, think about your reading habit.  Whether you are analog (love the feel of regular books) or digital (can’t give up my device), these will pertain to you.  Thanks to the blog Book Riot.

1. 3 Steps to Reading Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: http://bookriot.com/2013/12/26/3-steps-reading-harder-better-faster-stronger/  I like the suggestion to carve out your reading time.  Schedule it as part of your day.  I once read a manners suggestion not to read at meals.  Well, forget that!  Unless there’s company, go ahead and prop the book up in front of your plate.

2. Go from Zero to Well-Read in 100 Books: http://bookriot.com/2013/12/26/go-zero-well-read-100-books/  OK, this list is not bad as a start (though what Fifty Shades of Grey is doing on it I don’t know).  I’ve read a bunch of them, and try to read at least one classic during the summer, so will reference this list for next year’s.

3. Read Outside of Your Comfort Zone: http://bookriot.com/2013/12/26/reading-outside-comfort-zone/ For me, that would be romances.  Or maybe biographies.  What would that mean for you?  If it’s science fiction or fantasy, as us for a recommendation.

Don’t forget that if you received a new device, such as an iPad, Nook, Kindle, etc., as a gift, we can help you set it up with Overdrive.  Call us!!  Or email info@plumblibrary.com and ask for an appointment.  When you come to your session, be sure to bring your library card, we cannot proceed without it.  If you have a Kindle, bring your Amazon login info. If you have a password with Adobe Digital Editions, bring that too.  We can also set you up to download free music from Freegal, and magazines from Zinio.  And don’t forget the BookMyne app.  It’s an easy way to access your SAILS account, search, reserve, and renew books and other materials.  Ask us for a demonstration.


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