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Dear Reader: 2015 Already?

Where does the time go?  I’m back with some updates, links you can use, and whatnot.

1. The new trash and recycling bins.  I’ve seen them being distributed, but the start date for this is February 6.  HERE is a little announcement on the Town’s website.  There was a set of instructions and a calendar attached to your barrels, but, if you lost it, we have copies here.

2. It’s Tax Time.  We’ve received notice that the IRS is not sending out the forms we requested waaayy back in September.  Their budget was cut, so they are only sending the 1040, 1040A,  and 1040EZ forms, and no instruction books.  We will be getting a set of reproducible forms, and one set of instruction books that can be photocopied.  The IRS strongly urges you to use their website, but you can call 1-800-829-3676 to order some to be sent to you by mail.  Remember that only public libraries carry IRS forms.  I’ve put in a request for state tax forms, and will post an announcement here and on the Facebook page when they arrive.

3. Our website is still under construction, but is nearing completion.  We thank Karen and Dan at Design Principles in Marion for their assistance in this.

4. The Nonfiction Book Group discusses Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen tomorrow (1/16) at 6:30.  Our February book is the popular Dark Tide, about the Boston molasses flood.  Cafe Parlez will discuss Remarkable Creatures on Thursday, January 29 at 6:30.

5. The backpacks for MOBY (My Own Back Yard), the grant we are doing with the Marion and Mattapoisett libraries, are in the testing phase.  If you are in grades 3-8 and would like to be a tester, please speak to the Library Director or to Mrs. Lisa.

6. The Plumb Library has a team for the National Readathon Day, January 24.  If you’d like to join our team or make a pledge to help The National Book Foundation, go HERE and look for the Joseph H. Plumb Memorial Library team.  If you do join our team, you sit and read on January 24 between noon and 4:00 p.m.  Or you can listen to an audiobook.  If you need a book for your device, visit the SAILS Overdrive account.  New books are constantly being added.  Ask us for assistance if you need it.

That’s it for now!  readathon


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